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Here you will find small gemstones, ready to be set into jewelry. From Aquamarine to Zircon, we stock a large assortment of gemstone varieties and colors. Our melee gemstones are also offered in an array of gem boxes. From our popular small ‘gem cubes’ to our extra-large gem boxes, we have what you need no matter the size of your project.

We hope you’ll stay awhile and have a look around! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

- The Team @ MeleeGems.com -

Meet The Artisans

  • Joe F.

    "I'll just say this, you are often imitated but never duplicated."

  • Kathy S.

    "It isn't just the gems my friend but the gem of a person you are. That will always outshine any competition."

  • Liga K.

    "Buying from you is a real pleasure; its always the most excellent rough, the best communication. I really appreciate it."

  • Matthias B.

    "You have a good product and awesome customer service."

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